Super Fungible Tokens


You know NFTs? Yeah, those. With NFT’s, you’re not buying the actual image. What you’re buying is a marker, existing in a database on the internet, showing your receipt for spending money to have the receipt, connecting you to the image. You are not owning the image, nor any rights for the image. As soon as you actually download the image, that file is no longer connected to you, or owned by you. Only the marker in the database is.

Alright, enter SFT’s! Super fungible tokens! Why are they called this? Because I couldn’t think of a better name.

Every single SFT is digitally drawn and customized by hand, by me. No automated algorithm or random coloring touched these images. Every single one has a point, from parody to character nod to color combinations I just really like. And, of course, every single one is unique. I will elaborate on that in a second.

If you buy an SFT, you will get – actually get – the following

  • The original image you bought from this series. It will arrive to you in a proper 1200×1200 pixel original resolution (to compare: The thumbnails on this page are 500px by 500px).
  • The exclusive ownership of this image. The moment I send your image, I will delete my version of this same image. Actually, right now, the Clip Studio file I used to create it already doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just this one .PNG file.
  • The image is yours. You can keep it, destroy it, copy it, sell it. I will not get any percentages of whatever you do with it. You can draw on it, change whatever you like, or leave it as is. It’s yours. Keep in mind: You will not be able to re-download it. The version you own will be the only original, you will be responsible to keep it safe, if you want to keep it.
  • With receiving the original image, I will grant you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license for this image to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use the image you bought, including commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing me or this (or any) website. You may, however not include or use this image or any derivative of it as an NFT offer, auction, exchange or sale, or other trades with the intent of receiving Cryptocurrency or Non-Fungible Tokens on the Blockchain.
  • In addition to the digital artwork, you will also receive an analogue version:
    • A high quality miniature print on fine art paper (approx. XX by XX cm) containing the image as well as its ID number & series, signed with a thank-you by me and sealed with a seal of authenticity which I created out of wax and a potato.
    • A cardboard frame for display
    • A clothespin to hang it anywhere you want. Or to hang your laundry.
    • Shipped worldwide, and included with every buy, but please bear with me in case I need to get new magic ingredients.

Again: Please keep in mind that this image will be unique. I will not be able to send replacement .pngs. Please keep your Mono safe.