If you stumbled across this post from another website, I hope you’ll find everything you need. Here’s the tl;dr:

Mono (he/they) is drawing stuff on the internet.
I’m usually taking commissions. You can find all information regarding commissions on https://monomyst.com.
If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Twitter @monomystery.

Mono is also streaming sometimes at https://twitch.tv/monomyst, or in German under https://twitch.tv/timowi
If you’re a completionist, you can also find me on Youtube, Facebook or DA.

I am open for commission for:

  • Sketches in all variants
  • Drawings (Black/White)
  • Drawings (color)
  • Live2d Model creation, including: Drawing, cutting parts, including Layer names for easy rigging.
  • Live2d Model rigging – I am still a starter on this, so let’s talk if you’re interested.

Please write your commission to commissions@monomyst.com

– Commission Information –

Motives: Acceptance of NSFW art immensely depends on my mood, feelings about the subject matter, idea for the image and so on. Generally though: No.
While I am currently preferring Furry/Anthro art, feel free to approach me if you have something different in mind.

– No-Go’s: Racist, transphobic or otherwise offensive or hurtful stuff will not be accepted, no discussion.

– Monomyst bad: If I don’t feel confident in my abilities for a specific motive or wish, I will of course let you know beforehand.

– Please be patient. I will keep you updated about any progress, especially for longer/more elaborate projects. Please remember that rushing or spamming the progress will never make artwork better – only worse.

– Payments via Paypal to paypal.me@monomyst or via bank transfer to IBAN.

Payments for sketches in advance only.
Payments for artwork and color images after I’ve sent you a rough sketch, to be sure we’re on the same page. Changes to the artwork are still possible at this stage, but not later.

– Pricing –

Simple b/w sketches
, depending on motive and size: Starting at $10

– Estimation with a time investment of about 1-2 hours from start to finish (example: simple head/expression sketch)
– 72dpi, 1024x1080px canvas sketch made in Clip Studio paint
– No backgrounds, quick outlines, no coloring
– comes as .png and .clip or .psd, includes all layers from wireframes to final image, not necessarily well-sorted 


Finished b/w artworks, depending on motive and size: Starting at $20

– Estimation with a time investment of about 3+ hours (example: most images above, properly outlined character art, head or full-body, posing or vignette)
– Usually around 300dpi (+72dpi ver included), 2000x2000px canvas size
– Simple backgrounds if needed/wanted, full variable outlines for the artwork itself, no coloring
– comes as .png and .clip or .psd, includes all layers from wireframes to final image. If lucky, better sorted than the sketch tier.

Colored and/or shaded artworks with or without full backgrounds: Generally starting at $30

Please let me know what you have in mind and I’ll make you an offer. These strongly depend on motive, backgrounds, detail and coloring techniques.

Live2D Drawings & Rigging:
Live2D Model drawing as PSD, bust up: $100 starting
Live2d Model, drawing bust up, including rigging: $200 starting

Live2D Model Full body drawing as PSD, $200 starting
Live2D Model Full body drawing, including head/face/body rotation rigging (only upper body): 300$ starting

You can contact me directly on Twitter @monomystery

Commissions, requests or questions: commissions@monomyst.com

For other issues, you can also reach me at mail@monomyst.com

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask away.


Have a great day,